How to Recover from Investment Loss in Malaysia

Investing wisely can contribute towards increasing one’s wealth, however, investors must remember that that all investment instruments carry with them differing inherent opportunity and risks. 

In the event that an investor suffers a loss, there may have an opportunity to recover some of these losses through various means. Alternative Dispute Resolution is an option available to investors in Malaysia. SIDREC is established by the Securities Commission Malaysia (“SC”) to handle capital market-related disputes involving monetary loss between individuals or sole proprietors and SIDREC Members. SIDREC Members are either licensed or registered by the SC to deal in Securities, Unit Trusts, Fund Management, Derivatives and Private Retirement Schemes

SIDREC dispute resolutions services are free for investors with disputes involving claims up to RM250,000 under its Mandatory Scheme.

Please contact SIDREC for assistance and find out if there is any thing SIDREC can do in assisting you to recover from your loss.