Avenue for Appeal

SIDREC Appeals Committee (SIAC)


Providing Accessibility to be Heard

All eligible appeals are heard and decided by the SIDREC Appeals Committee (SIAC). The committee of four (5) members are appointed by SIDREC with the prior approval of the Securities Commission Malaysia of whom:

  • two (3) shall be independent members, one of whom shall be the Chairman of SIAC
  • one (1) shall be a senior representative of the Securities Commission Malaysia
  • one (1) shall be an individual with industry knowledge and experience
Dato’ John Louis O’ Hara (Chairman) - Independent Member | SIDREC
Dato’ John Louis O’ Hara

Chairman & Independent Member

SIAC 2021 Template - Yew Yee Tee
Yew Yee Tee

Representative from
Senior Management of the SC

Hasnah Omar - Industry Member | SIDREC
Hasnah Omar

Industry Member

SIAC 2020 AA
Tan Sri Aziah Ali

Independent Member

SIAC Lee Siew Thong
Lee Siew Thong

Independent Member