SIDREC provides an avenue for Alternative Dispute Resolution in Malaysia for Financial Disputes in the Malaysian Capital Market

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Conduct of Mediation Sessions and Adjudication Hearings at SIDREC

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Investor Alert

Be aware of unlicensed / unregistered capital
market service providers

Always check for updates from
regulars' websites.

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Who We Are
An alternative dispute resolution centre that handles monetary disputes between investors and capital market intermediaries.
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What We Do
SIDREC Members are either licensed or registered by the SC to deal in the following regulated activities:
Frequently Asked Questions
Have a monetary dispute that is investment related? We may be able to help you.
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Please be aware of potential clone entities. They display logos of regulators including SIDREC on their websites. These are entities that claim to be licenced under Malaysian regulators, however, they are not. Protect your investments and savings by always checking with official websites first before making any decision when approached by unknown entities.

Especially if you have not heard of them before, or are new, just do a quick check at our regulators’ websites, such as the Securities Commission Malaysia, Bursa Malaysia, Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia and Bank Negara Malaysia first.

It pays to be cautious and always check for yourself first. Also, check the investor alerts on the regulators’ websites from time to time as they are always being updated as and when a potential scam is detected. Please stay safe.

What's New @ SIDREC

17 November 2022

How SIDREC Can Help You

We aim to resolve your dispute quickly without hefty legal costs. Established by the Securities Commission Malaysia, SIDREC provides an independent and impartial avenue with capital market expertise to resolve monetary disputes between investors and any SIDREC Member in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our process is informal and we try to ensure that the parties are adequately supported through the process.

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How to Lodge a Complaint with SIDREC

SIDREC plays an important role as a mediator – helping investors who have disputes with a capital market institution.

7 Soalan Bersama SIDREC

Berikut adalah jawapan kepada tujuh soalan lazim mengenai perkhidmatan penyelesaian pertikaian SIDREC.