Securities Industry Dispute Resolution Center (SIDREC)

Who we are

Who We Are

SIDREC is a body approved by the Securities Commission Malaysia (“SC”) to handle capital market-related disputes involving monetary loss between individuals or sole proprietors and SIDREC Members.

SIDREC Members are either licensed or registered by the SC to deal in the following regulated activities:

CMP - Securities | SIDREC
CMP - Unit Trust | SIDREC
Unit Trusts
CMP - Fund Management | SIDREC
Fund Management
CMP - Derivatives | SIDREC
CMP - Private Retirement Schemes | SIDREC
Private Retirement Schemes (PRS)
What we do

What We Do

  • A “specialised” independent and impartial body resolving capital market disputes with expert knowledge and experience. Our service is professional, accessible, affordable, effective and efficient.
  • SIDREC dispute resolutions services are free for investors with disputes involving claims up to RM250,000 under its Mandatory Scheme.
  • SIDREC accepts disputes involving claims above RM250,000 where both parties agree to use SIDREC’s services under its Voluntary Scheme.
  • SIDREC also accepts court-referred mediation under its Voluntary Scheme.
  • A reasonable fee is chargeable under the Voluntary Scheme. 
Our Aim

Our Vision & Mission


To be the preferred one-stop independent and impartial avenue for the resolution of disputes involving monetary claims relating to capital market products and services.


To provide the investing public and SIDREC Members with a specialised capital market dispute resolution service through a trusted, independent and impartial platform that contributes towards enhancing investor confidence to participate in the capital market.

SIDREC in the capital market

SIDREC in the Capital Market

How We Can Help

We are an alternative dispute resolution body that handles disputes involving monetary claims relating to capital market products and services that an investor may have against capital market intermediaries. We help to resolve such claims in a fair, efficient, and timely manner.

Organisational Structure

Organisational Structure

SIDREC is supported by a team of full-time staff and our Panel of Mediators and Adjudicators (comprising both in-house and external members). We also benefit from the ability to reach out to the expertise and experience of the members of our Advisory Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

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