How We Handle Your Complaint

Mandatory & Voluntary Schemes

How We Resolve Your Dispute

SIDREC manages two dispute resolution schemes – the Mandatory Scheme and the Voluntary Scheme. 

How We Resolve Your Dispute

The Mandatory Scheme

A Member is obliged to participate in SIDREC’s dispute resolution service under the Mandatory Scheme, if the dispute meets the following four criteria:

  • The dispute is against a SIDREC Member
  • The claimant is an individual investor or a sole proprietor
  • It involves a capital market product or service purchased from or offered by a SIDREC Member or its representative
  • The claimant’s monetary claim does not exceed RM250,000

Under the Mandatory Scheme, the dispute resolution service is free to the investor.

How We Resolve Your Dispute

The Voluntary Scheme

SIDREC may also mediate and adjudicate disputes involving claims under its Voluntary Scheme. SIDREC will only accept a case under the Voluntary Scheme if both the claimant and Member agree to seek SIDREC’s help. There are two components to the Voluntary Scheme:

  • Disputes involving claims exceeding RM250,000
  • Court-referred mediation for any claim amount

Both parties will be required to pay a reasonable fee for SIDREC’s dispute resolution services.