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DateMedia ChannelTitle
14 June 2021Utusan MalaysiaUrus Pertikaian Pasaran Modal Secara Mediasi
18 March 2021The Edge MarketsInvestor complaints, enquiries jumped 70% in 2020 — SC
21 December 2020Nanyang Siang PauDigital Investment Disputes and Resolution

DateMedia ChannelTitle
09 December 2019The Malaysian ReserveSIDREC Appoints New CEO
11 September 2019Sin Chew Jit Poh (KL)More Than 400 Disputes and Enquiries in 2018
13 July 2019China PressSIDREC CEO Overcomes Challenges to Go Forward
26 June 2019Nanyang Siang PauMalaysia’s First Investment Literacy CSR Programme
15 June 2019Daily ExpressTowards Smart Investing
13 June 2019See Hua Daily NewsSIDREC Engaging with Rotary Clubs and the KKCCCI to Promote ADR
13 June 2019Sin Chew Jit Poh (Sabah)SIDREC to Promote ADR in Conjunction with Bersama InvestSmart @ Borneo
12 June 2019Asia TimesSIDREC to Promote ADR in Sabah
12 June 2019Overseas Chinese DailySIDREC Seeking Tie-Ups with the KKCCCI to Promote ADR
12 June 2019China PressDon’t Give Away Online Passwords
07 May 2019The Malaysian ReserveSIDREC May Have Got Its Formula Right
16 April 2019Nanyang Siang PauFive Pitfalls of which Retail Investors Need to Be Aware
15 April 2019Nanyang Siang PauSIDREC Provides Solutions for Investment Disputes
05 January 2019Focus MalaysiaOmbudsman Malaysia to Boost Transparency, Accountability

DateMedia ChannelTitle
18 December 2018The Malaysian ReserveWe've Come A Long Way
09 December 2018New Sunday TimesDon’t Panic, SIDREC Has Your Back
26 November 2018New Sunday TimesCan Anyone Help Me?
18 June 2018Smart InvestorDo You have a Problem with Your Broker?
22 April 2018Sin Chew Jit PohSIDREC: Providing Fair and Professional Dispute Resolution Service
18 April 2018New Straits TimesSIDREC Expands Purview, Can Handle Claims Above RM250,000
18 April 2018The StarSIDREC Expands Purview to Hear Claims
17 April 2018Oriental Daily NewsSIDREC Can Now Handle Disputes Relating to Claims Above RM250,000
16 April 2018The Edge MarketsSIDREC Can Now Handle Disputes Relating to Claims Above RM250,000

DateMedia ChannelTitle
21 July 2017The SunSIDREC to Resolve Investment Disputes
22 April 2017Focus MalaysiaIn Pursuit of Alternative Dispute Resolution
21 April 2017Focus MalaysiaBeware the Scammers
26 November 2016Focus MalaysiaFinding Amicable Solutions to Market Disputes
19 November 2016The StarSIDREC and the Association of Banks in Malaysia First Engagement Session
13 November 2016The StarSIDREC: We Go for Win-Win
28 October 2016Nanyang Siang PauFinancial Grievance Mechanism to Resolve Disputes
06 September 2016Berita HarianBank Komersial Islamic Jadi Ahli SIDREC
30 July 2016Focus MalaysiaSeeking Redress Against Capital Market Players
11 February 2015New Strait TimesSettlling Issues Quickly Impartially
09 April 2013The StarSC to Continue Funding SIDREC
09 April 2013The Edge MarketSC to Fund SIDREC for Two More Years
09 April 2013Berita HarianSIDREC Terus Terima Pembiayaan
09 April 2012Harian MetroOrang Tengah Industri
02 January 2012Harian MetroSIDREC Komited Selesaikan Pertikaian
19 October 2011Borneo PostCentre Gives Alternative Exit Route in Disputes for M’sian Retail Investors
09 June 2011The StarNew Avenue to Settle Claims