World Telecommunication & Information Society Day

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SIDREC supports the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day which is celebrated annually on 17 May to highlight the importance of telecommunication. This year’s World Telecommunication & Information Society Day theme is “Digital technologies for older persons and healthy ageing”. ​ ​​ The ageing of the global population is becoming a defining demographic trend of the 21st century that needs to be addressed alongside the rapid acceleration of information technology and digital transformation. 

SIDREC has recently participated in the Digital Literacy for Seniors Programme on 18 April 2022 on the topic of the “Importance of Alternative Dispute Resolution Services”. Digital Literacy for Seniors Programme is a series of webinars to promote digital literacy among senior citizens designed specifically for those aged 55 and above and conducted by The Securities Commission Malaysia, in collaboration with Hire Seniors.  These and other such initiatives will contribute toward greater financial inclusion of our seniors.

Let us all join in raising awareness of the benefits technology can bring to older persons and the process of healthy ageing and help bridge the digital divide.

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